We will have to take the film here-
to the Cannes Film Festival-
where we are looking at the International Pavillion.
I attended a Bolshoi Opera rehearsal in Moscow.
This is some serious Post Production music,
and it shows that every detail matters.
We are at the Paris train stop Champ de Mars by the Tour Eiffel.
Production means having an organized Plan, with
things are running on time, on schedule...
The train is rolling, and we know where we are going.
We filmed at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.
Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day,
and the same goes for your movie...
We are in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai Province,
in the Doi Inthanond National Park, Cloud Forest.
Dream BIG in the Development phase.
Anything and Everything is Possible.
This view is from the House of Cardinals
outside of Rome, Italy, overlooking the Pope's summer Palace.
Let's do lunch and talk about your project.
Here we are in Prague, Czech Republic.
The World is Yours... Let's get to work.